GeoRem International offers holistic solutions for the prevention, identification and cleanup of surface and subsurface pollution. This service includes the identification and quantification of possible pollution by means of an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and the actual management or remediation of the problem. The ESA is undertaken by the client's existing consultant, or can be provided in conjunction with one of the specialist consulting  firms GeoRem works with.


An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) identifies the environmental liabilities through a series of investigations undertaken on the site to determine its present condition. Information generated through the Site Assessment process is used to design, test and apply a remediation solution that is most suited to the site conditions and client requirements.


The ESA is generally undertaken by consultant in order to identify the extent, nature and concentration of pollution. GeoRem can base our solutions on existing assessments, or a turnkey solution can be provided in with conjunction with the consultant. The ESA will always form the first step. A solution can only be as good as the information it is based on and accurate and appropriate information is critical.


After the ESA  we will have a clear picture of the contamination problem and most efficient and cost effective way of reducing or removing the Contaminant of Concern (COC). A variety of methodologies are available and constant research into new technologies is being undertaken. Every site is unique and only the most appropriate technology will be applied to each problem. Methods are decided upon through consideration of subsurface matrix, contaminant and cost implications.


Methodologies can be classed into the following main groups:

  • Physical contaminant and matrix removal
  • Pump &Treat and Vacuum Enhanced Recovery
  • Surface and ex situ methods, e.g. landfarming, biopiles
  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) and Sparging
  • Enhanced Bioremediation
  • Intrinsic Bioremediation through Monitored Natural Attenuation.
  • Chemical Remediation


Every remediation solution will be tailor made to suit site specific and client requirements. Our risk-based approach will provide consistent guidance for the setting of appropriate remediation targets.

Please visit our Technologies section for more information on specific applications

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