Utility Detection

Utility Detection

GeoRem can undertake service detection surveys for a wide variety of services and buried infrastructure.

Our experienced teams have worked throughout Southern, East and Central Africa. With hundreds of sites and several thousand kilometers of services detected, we can bring our skillset to interpret GPR data and solve complex subsurface puzzles. 

Our equipment can detect electrical cables to a depth of approximately 4.6m or deeper depending on the site material. Most metallic pipework can be detect to depths of up to 2m. For site specific applications, tracers and signal generators could be used to track a variety of underground services with great accuracy.

For more detailed detection of services and subsurface features we make use of a variety of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Geophysical methods including electrical resistivity, magnetometers and Mag/VLF instruments.

We can provide detection services throughout the continent for projects ranging from small construction or building sites through to large linear developments such as roads, power or pipelines.

Please feel free to contact us for site clearance and cable detection on your site

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