Georem – Water treatment division

Water plays a crucial part in our lives from sustaining life to manufacturing of goods we use in our daily lives. Water is also one of the scarcest resources we have on this planet and therefore needs to be managed accordingly.

Water is also a very unique element in that it can be recycled and reused almost endlessly, but in order to achieve this some water sources needs to be treated to either adhere to  government regulations or to the process it is applied for.

Georem is uniquely suited in providing customised solutions for our clients for the pre and post treatment of their water sources. Our water treatment team has approximately 30 years’ experience in both residential and commercial water treatment.

We supply the following solutions:

  • Water treatment chemicals for cooling water, boilers and closed loop system etc.
  • Disinfectant chemicals for treatment of potable water sources
  • Flocculants & coagulants.
  • Water sampling and reporting on water quality.
  • Design and installation of water treatment units e.g.

– Potable water treatment plants, that includes Ozone and UV disinfection.
– Effluent and sewage treatment
– Reverse osmosis
– Water softening; Calcium, Nitrate etc. removal by resin media
– Demin plants
– Chemical dosing plant for water treatment
– Settling and floatation cells/units